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Читалище „Братство 1869” гр. Кюстендил обявява регламента за Двадесет и петото издание на Международния конкурс за класическа китара, който ще се проведе от 7 до 9 април 2022 г. в гр. Кюстендил.
Подробности - регламент и заявка за участие: ТУК!


Национален литературен конкурс за поезия „Биньо Иванов” 2022 - РЕГЛАМЕНТ

International Classic Guitar Competition
“Akad. Marin Goleminov”


The International Classic Guitar Competition “Academician Marin Goleminov” is organized annually in April under the patronage of the Mayor of Kyustendil Municipality.
Art Director is Mr Ivan Andonov.
The Competition is included in the programme for support of talented Bulgarian children.
The XXV Classic Guitar Competition will be held from 20th to 23th October 2021 in the town of Kyustendil.

Guitarists from all over the world who would like to take part in the Competition and have filled in and sent the application form until 16st October 2021 may participate as contestants in the following groups:

First group – up to four grade (up to 11 years old)
Second group – fifth - seventh grade (from 11 to 14 years of age)
Third group – eighth - twelfth grade (from 14 to the age of 18 years old)
Fourth group – over 18 years
Fifth group – „Free Stage of the Soloist”- without age restrictions
Sixth group – „Guitar +”- without age restrictions
Seventh group –„Chamber Music” - without age restrictions
Eighth group – „Guitar Ensembles and Orchestras”- without age restrictions

Each participant may appear in only one chosen by him solo category.

Regulation with applicatin form - .pdf

Regulation with applicatin form - .doc



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